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Biomodules: Application specific screening modules

Reify's technologies enable scalable screens in large populations of living cells and model organisms. Through precise quantitation of phenotypic events of each individual single cell or organism in a field, Visible™ captures the full range of responses that occur as a function of biological variability and compound-induced changes. Coupled with the ability to measure phenotypic change in any light source, Reify produces assay results with unmatched fidelity and predictive power.

Cell Migration. With Reify's technologies, tracking individual members of large populations of unlabeled/labeled, moving cells in an image field happens automatically. Visible™ Discovery produces measurements of speed, direction and directional persistence, as well as morphologic measurements such as ellipse ratios and major and minor axis lengths.

Cell Lineage and the Cell Cycle. Visible™ Discovery tracks and quantitates cells in a population as they progress through the cell cycle and divide. The resulting data shows the lineage of every cell under observation rates of cell division, and a range of other parameters.

Subcellular Kinetics. Fluorescently labeled subcellular phenomena are captured and quantitated accurately by Visible™. Examples in which Reify has validated its approach include, nuclear translocation kinetics, chromosomal dynamics, protein aggregation and intrcellular calcium flux. In each system, results were quantified in real time and reported for single cells as well as cell populations.

Cardiomyocyte Function. Reify's Myosight™ Reify's offers a number of optimized biomodules under its Myosight™ suite of software for cardiotoxicity screening and drug discovery to bring high throughput population data to model systems that incorporate the best aspects on in vitro testing and fidelity to the underlying biology of cardiac function. Model systems include fractional shortening in adult and neonatal cardiomyocytes and cardiac function in wildtype and mutant zebrafish (in development).

Customized Phenotype Screens.

Visible Discovery in both its flexibility and its accuracy is a powerful tool in phenotypic screening where unbiased quantitation of populations of cells is required. Furthermore, its ability to synergize with most current microscopy and high content screening hardware allows it to fit seamlessly into established work flows and protocols. If you can benefit from population-based data from live cell imaging and / or model organisms, or if you are interested in scalable secondary screens where none currently exist, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.