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Myosight™ Adult Cardiomyocyte Application specific screening module

Adult cardiomyocytes are the gold standard for testing fractional shortening changes due to drug interactions with hERG and other ion channels. Reify's population-based measurement of cardiomyocyte fractional shortening removes the need for identifying edges and time consuming manipulations increasing throughput and accuracy. Additionally, Myosight™ offers multiplex capabilities with specific ion channel probes and traditional patch clamping technology for instances where information on specific ion channels is required. For cardiac drug screening, additional parameters surrounding contraction and relaxation parameters are generated as well as contraction IC50s.

Features :

  • Population data for better statistics and clearer decisions
  • Measurement at sub-pixel and sub-frame resolution ensures accurate data
  • Throughput at least 100x greater than conventional methods
  • Direct real-time output for QC
  • Measurement in unbiased or researcher-informed modes to select particular subsets of cells
  • Multiplexes with high throughput patch clamping and/or channel specific ion fluorophores for multiple readouts on one population of cells
  • Metrics plotted include IC50 curves, time to peak contraction and relaxation and their associated rates