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Neutrophil Migration
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Cell Migration Application specific screening module

Cell Migration is a fundamental process in a wide variety of biological phenomena and medical pathologies. During development, cellular migration is tightly controlled in processes important in morphogenesis ranging from gastrulation to nervous system development. In adults, cell migration remains crucial to physiological homeostasis and pathological conditions. Fibroblasts and vascular endothelial cell migration is essential to the process of wound healing. In oncology cell migration of metastases, in which tumor cells migrate from a primary site to seed additional tumors, is fundamental. Chemotropic metastasis motility is a fundamental step in organ invasion, and the study of its inhibition is an active area in pharmaceutical and academic programs.

Visible™ improves on current migration screening solutions in a number of significant ways:

  • Migration precisely monitored and quantitated for populations of cells
  • Data quality equivalent to manually-annotated data without inherent bias, limited scale and expense
  • Population data and scalable format enables phenotypic screens for oncology, inflammation and other indications
  • Optimized to capture all cell types and morphologies in noisy and low contrast background
  • Machine vision solution removes need and time required for manual or assisted traces