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 machine visual screening for drug discovery and development
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What We Do

Reify ([ree-uh-fahy]) — v. To regard something abstract as a material thing.) was founded in 2002 to translate the strategies and techniques of unsupervised machine vision and video microscopy into enabling products for drug discovery and development. Genomics and other platform technologies have revolutionized the healthcare industry yielding unparalleled amounts of raw information useful for understanding potential causes for disease.The complexity of the gene networks uncovered and the difficulties in defining and testing true drugable targets, however, have made it clear in the past years that even targets once believed to be simple are anything but. Genotypic complexity and the often unexpected interactions of drug candidates with more than one critical cell pathway demands an approach in which a cell's overlaying phenotype can be accurately assessed in an unbiased, scalable and cost effective manner. Reify's Visible Discovery™ platform quickly and repeatedly generates phenotypic fingerprints on each member of a population of cells to accurately measure and quantitate dynamic processes on a cellular or subcellular level, provides the solution.

Visible Discovery™ Key Benefits

  • Generates robust population data for more confident decisions in development and discovery while decreasing costs
  • Machine vision and video analysis enable new scalable screens in otherwise intractable systems
  • Seamless fit with current high content screening instruments, standard or confocal microscopes and optics removes cost and workflow barriers
  • Light-source indifferent for screens in visible, fluorescent or both conditions
  • Application-specific biomodules optimize parameters for a growing number of screens